Beautifully designed for style and
simplicity, each earpiece delivers perfectly balanced,
hi-fi stereo audio.


Works with any
device that uses a 3.5mm jack -
including smart phones, televisions, and
computers, - with up to a 50' WireFree range.


The ultimate HearNotes accessory, the unique
base station inductively charges your earbuds and
transmitter and doubles as a protective travel case.

HearNotes are engineered with KLEER technology
to deliver
true hi-fi stereo audio that Bluetooth
simply can't match.




Hi-Fi Stereo Audio

(Uncompressed, 16-bit 44.1 KHz Sampled Stereo Audio)

Interference Immunity

Audio Quality

Universal Device Compatibility



If music streaming were a play, Bluetooth would be like the supporting actor trying
so hard to play every part, that it distracts the audience from the brilliant all-star cast they actually paid to see.

This story’s been long overdue for an intermission, and it’s finally time to let
KLEER technology take center stage.

Engineered with the singular purpose of streaming flawless, uncompressed audio with pristine high fidelity, KLEER also delivers unparalleled interference immunity with extremely low latency and power consumption. KLEER offers best-in-class 2.4 GHz band coexistence which means you can always expect a dynamic performance – even on today’s ever-crowding wireless stage.

Bluetooth may be able to wear lots of hats, but KLEER is the real star of the show.
And you can be sure that this next act has only just begun.

WireFree means premium, hi-fi stereo audio from
a pair of untethered, lightweight earbuds.

WireFree means style, comfort, mobility and convenience.

And, most importantly. WireFree means freedom.
Freedom from wires, freedom from tangles, and freedom
from subpar audio delivered by wireless earbuds.

WireFree is what wireless should be.

HearNotes Wireless
Earbuds Promise
Premium Sound
Without The Cables

"...the HearNotes promise has the potential to give folks like
Apple's Beats, Bose, Sennheiser, JayBird, SOL Republic or Sony a run
for their money in headphones."

“Rock n’roll? It will be gone by June.”

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”

“The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value.”

“Because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they
can change the world, are the ones that do.”

When faced with innovation, some people may balk,
while others see the beginning of something extraordinary.

The HearNotes vision was inspired to bring you an unmatched
listening experience - and we’re just starting to warm up.

So, will you be a pioneer with us, or join in
the chorus of those who have refused to change?

Welcome to the WireFree Revolution.
You’re going to love how the future sounds.

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