Famous Women Composers of All Time

When we talk about great musicians in history, we often ignore the contribution of women composers. Hence, today’s article is all about women ruling the musical world. Here, I’ll discuss the famous women composers of all time who have remained immortal forever.

If you ask any person of a famous musician, they’ll name composers like Mozart or Beethoven. But very few people will acknowledge that many prominent women composers have contributed to the history of music. 

So, now it’s time to learn about them. 

Greatest Women Music Composers in History

Famous Women Composers of All Time

Here’s a list of some of the best women composers that have left a mark in history. 

1. Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann was a 19th-century German pianist and composer. She was not only a virtuoso pianist but also a brilliant composer. Clara’s compositions, characterised by emotional depth and complexity, reflected the spirit of her time. Her dedication to both performing and composing set her apart, challenging the gender norms of the 19th century. 

Clara Schumann’s legacy endures through her music. She reminded us of the enduring power of creativity and the ability to transcend societal expectations.

2. Hildegard of Bingen

Hildegard of Bingen, a medieval mystic and composer, lived in the 12th century. Her compositions, known as Gregorian chants, are celebrated for their spiritual depth and beauty. 

Hildegard’s ability to seamlessly blend her mystical experiences with music left an enduring legacy, making her one of the earliest known female composers in Western history. Her work continues to captivate modern audiences, reminding us of the timeless power of music to connect with the divine.

3. Fanny Mendelssohn

Fanny Mendelssohn, sister of the famous composer Felix Mendelssohn, was a talented composer in her own right. Her piano works and lieder (German art songs) are a testament to her musical prowess.

Fanny’a music revealed a deep emotional resonance and a remarkable command of musical expression. Her music serves as a reminder of the significant but frequently overlooked role women played in shaping the musical landscape of the Romantic period.

4. Ethel Smyth

Ethel Smyth was a British composer and suffragette in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She is remembered for her operas and choral works, including “The March of the Women,” an anthem of the suffragette movement.

Her music, characterised by its emotional depth and innovation, resonated with audiences and remains a testament to her fierce spirit. Despite the challenges she faced as a female composer in a male-dominated field, Ethel Smyth is an inspiration for all generations.

5. Amy Beach

Amy Beach, an American composer, was the first female composer to have her symphony performed by a major orchestra. Her compositions skillfully blend European Romanticism with American folk influences.

Her music still vibes with us for its rich harmonies and emotional depth, reflecting the spirit of the late Romantic era. Amy Beach’s dedication to her craft and her pioneering spirit paved the way for future generations of female composers. 

6. Sofia Gubaidulina

Sofia Gubaidulina, a contemporary Russian composer, is known for her innovative and experimental compositions. Her music often explores themes of spirituality and mysticism.

Her unique ability to blend diverse musical traditions and her fearless approach to experimentation make her a visionary in the world of contemporary classical music.

7. Joan Tower

Joan Tower is a prominent American composer known for orchestral and chamber music compositions. Her work, “Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman”, pays tribute to the strength and resilience of women.

Tower is widely recognised for her groundbreaking work, “Silver Ladders,” which earned her a Pulitzer Prize nomination. Her music exhibits a profound emotional depth and a unique ability to convey complex ideas through sound.

8. Florence Price

Florence Price, an African-American composer, gained recognition for her orchestral and chamber music compositions. Her Symphony No. 1 was the first symphony by a black woman to be performed by a major orchestra.

In an era marked by racial barriers, her compositions defied expectations, blending African-American and Western classical traditions. Price’s music resonates with rich melodies, evocative harmonies, and emotional depth. 

9. Kaija Saariaho

A Finnish composer, Kaija Saariaho is celebrated for her electronic and contemporary compositions. Her work often blurs the boundaries between acoustic and electronic sounds.

Saariaho’s work often explores themes of nature, human consciousness, and the interplay of sound and silence. Her breakthrough opera, “L’Amour de loin,” earned widespread acclaim and established her as a leading voice in contemporary opera. 

10. Wendy Carlos

Wendy Carlos is a transgender composer and electronic music pioneer. She is best known for her groundbreaking work on the Moog synthesiser and the soundtrack for the film “A Clockwork Orange.”

Her groundbreaking album, “Switched-On Bach” (1968), introduced the world to the possibilities of synthesised music and brought classical compositions to a broader audience. 


These famous women composers have shattered stereotypes and enriched the world of music with their unique voices and compositions. From classical to contemporary, their influence spans genres and continues to inspire musicians and music lovers alike. 


1. Are there any famous female composers in the modern era?

Composers like Kaija Saariaho and Sofia Gubaidulina are still active and continue to create groundbreaking music.

2. Can you recommend some famous compositions by these women composers?

Some notable works include Clara Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A Minor, Ethel Smyth’s “The March of the Women,” and Amy Beach’s “Gaelic Symphony.”

3. Where can I listen to their music today?

You can explore their compositions on music streaming platforms and classical music radio stations or by attending performances by orchestras and chamber groups that include their works.

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