20 Best Funk Songs of All Time

So you are looking for the best funk songs to shake the dance floor. Don’t worry; you are in the right place. Here are the best 20 funk songs of all time to groove with. 

Originating basically in the 1960s, funk songs have influenced various music genres and created history with their energetic beats. Funk songs have always been the energy boost in any party song, and you can’t ignore grooving to its beats.  

So, get ready for a funky exploration of songs! 

What is Really a Funk Song?

A funk song is all about the rhythm, groove and the feeling it evokes in its listeners that you can’t help but move to its beats. Meanwhile, a classic funk song has a strong baseline, a soulful vocal expression, tight drum patterns and a horn section that adds layers of texture and excitement. 

Now, let’s start the adventure!

20 Best Funk Songs of All Time 

Here is the list of the 20 best funk songs of all time, so get ready to dive in.

  1.  “Super Freak” – Rick James

Let’s start the list by Rick James, “Super Freak.” This iconic song has a playful bassline that no one can resist but groove to its rhythm. Try out this song and see if you can ignore it. 

  1.  “Brick House” – Commodores

The Commodores’ “Brick House” is all about the beauty of confidence. It is a timeless representation of funk’s spirit. With this song, the dance floor will surely be on fire; I can guarantee that.

  1.  “Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine” – James Brown

No list of funk songs would be complete without this piece of James Brown. “Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine” is a burst of energy that will instantly put you on your feet. 

  1.  “Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)” – Parliament

This song by Parliament brings a whole new level to funk songs. This track’s electrifying energy and super vocals create an outstanding environment that pulls you into the groove. 

  1.  “Play That Funky Music” – Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music” has stood the test of time. The song’s opening guitar riff is instantly recognisable, and its upbeat rhythm and catchy chorus can bring anyone to dance.  

  1.  “Le Freak” – Chic

Chic’s “Le Freak” is about celebrating life and leaving your worries away. With its engaging bassline, groovy guitar strings, and the iconic line “Freak out!” repeated throughout the song, it’s impossible not to join in on the fun. 

  1.  “Superstition” – Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” is a funk masterpiece that oozes with soul. With its powerful vocals, this song continues to captivate new generations of listeners.

  1.  “Flash Light” – Parliament

Here’s another funk gem by Parliament. “Flash Light” is an explosion of funky bassline and energetic melody, making this song an unforgettable piece of the funk canon.

  1.  “Jungle Boogie” – Kool & The Gang

Kool & The Gang’s “Jungle Boogie” is a combination of funkiness with a dynamic rhythm that’s impossible to resist. Hence, it’s no wonder this track has maintained its popularity for decades.

  1.  “Funky Town” – Lipps Inc.

“Funky Town” is another funk gem that has made its place in this list for its unforgettable melody. With its electronic-style funk hit, this song is bound to make you move.  

  1.  “Word Up!” – Cameo

Cameo’s “Word Up!” is a powerhouse of bold guitar riffs with some amazing vocals and a rhythm that’s impossible to resist. This track is also unique because it shows how it can blend smoothly with other genres of music. 

  1.  “Give It to Me Baby” – Rick James

Rick James’ “Give It to Me Baby” is a timeless masterpiece that has marked his fabulous return to music. It is also one of his greatest creations that will remain in history.

  1.  “Pick Up the Pieces” – Average White Band

“Pick Up the Pieces” by Average White Band is a funky instrumental masterpiece that lets the music speak to you. This music creates a mood with its powerful instruments that are impossible to resist.

  1.  “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” – James Brown

James Brown’s “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” is another entry in our list. If you are looking for funk songs, you can not miss it because of its groundbreaking rhythm and Brown’s charismatic vocals.

  1.  “Get Down On It” – Kool & The Gang

“Get Down On It” by Kool & The Gang is a song that can call you immediately on the dance floor. This song is famous for its energy and catchy bassline. So, you can’t ignore it but move to its beats. 

  1.  “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” – The Gap Band

“You Dropped a Bomb on Me” by The Gap Band is an unavoidable classic funk track. The soulful vocals by the artists and the electrifying guitar riffs make this song even more memorable.   

  1.  “Fire” – Ohio Players

“Fire” by Ohio Players is a slow-burn funk anthem that will surely captivate your heart. This song has some awesome vocals and a catchy rhythm that’s impossible to resist.   

  1.  “Fantastic Voyage” – Lakeside

Lakeside takes us on a “Fantastic Voyage” through funky rhythms and smooth melodies. This song’s laid-back groove and catchy hooks make it a perfect addition to any funk playlist.  

  1.  “Give It Away” – Red Hot Chili Peppers 

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Give It Away”  is a blending of funk music with rock. This song has a high-energy boost to pull you to the dance floor.  

  1.  “Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

“Uptown Funk” is one of those songs that will not let you sit still. This collaboration by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars has become an instant classic because of its top-notch quality. 

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So, this is our top 20 best funk songs of all time that will certainly not let you still at your feet. Whether you’re a funk-song lover or just discovering this new genre, these songs will make you feel the groove to its beat. 


1: Who are some of the most iconic funk artists?

James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic, Kool & The Gang, and Stevie Wonder are some of the most iconic and influential funk artists.

2: How did funk music influence other genres?

Funk music laid the foundation for genres like hip-hop and electronic dance music, which emphasises rhythm and sampling.

3: What instruments are commonly used in funk music?

Key instruments in funk include bass guitar, drums, horns, keyboards, and electric guitar.

4: Can you recommend some modern funk artists?

Vulfpeck, Anderson, Paak, Thundercat, etc., are modern funk artists that you can look for. 

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