21 Best Songs For Sunset To Enjoy Yourself

As the golden sun begins its descent, casting a warm glow across the horizon, a magical moment unfolds a sunset. This mesmerizing daily phenomenon has captivated poets, artists, and musicians throughout history. The beauty and tranquility of songs during a sunset inspire a sense of reflection, peace, and wonder.

To celebrate this enchanting time of day, I have curated a list of the 21 best songs you can enjoy during sunset. And I will transport you on a melodic journey as the sky paints its final strokes of color.

21 Best Sunset Songs to Listen

best songs to enjoy sunset

Each track offers a unique perspective on the allure of sunsets, taking you on a musical adventure that harmonizes with the colors of the sky. However, if you’re a meme lover, we also have the best meme songs for you.

1. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me By Elton John

As the sun sets, Elton John’s immortal classic resonates strongly. Its moving lyrics are a profound reminder to treasure the moments that enrich our daily lives. You’ll find yourself pondering on a passing day with each note, savoring the emotions that come out as the sun bids us farewell.

2. Island in The Sun By Weezer

Weezer’s catchy independent music anthem will transport you to a tropical paradise. This music invites you to relax on a palm-fringed beach while the setting sun paints the sky with beautiful colors. The uplifting melody and catchy chorus of “Island in the Sun” will take you to a paradise where troubles melt away, and pure pleasure prevails as the sun sets.

3. Sunset Lover By Petit Biscuit

Allow yourself to engulf in a calm sunset on a beach. Petit Biscuit’s soft electronic tunes and soothing sounds create a sense of peace and tranquillity. “Sunset Lover” is one of the best songs to enjoy at sunset.

It serves as a musical invitation to calm down, close your eyes, and allow the attractive melodies to move you away. At the same time, the sky transforms into a breathtaking weaving of colors.

4. Drops of Jupiter By Train

Allow Train’s heavenly masterpiece to transport you on a cosmic journey across the universe’s colorful canvas. “Drops of Jupiter” aligns wonderfully with the fading brightness of a sunset as the sun’s rays decline. The thoughtful lyrics and strong instrumentals evoke wonder, allowing you to lose yourself in the universe’s immensity and enjoy the beauty of each passing day.

5. House of The Rising Sun By The Animals

The Animals’ melancholy blues melody provides a meditative ambiance as the sun sets, sending its fading rays of light. The lowering chords and passionate vocals connect the sun’s descent and lost soul stories. The spirituality of fading light and thoughtful moments will attract you with each note.

6. Sunrise By Norah Jones

Norah Jones’ velvety voice and lovely piano tunes capture the tranquil beauty of daybreak and sunset. The calm sounds of “Sunrise” create an inviting ambiance, urging you to embrace the peaceful beginning and end of the day. As the sun sets, you’ll discover peace and serenely in the beautiful melodies that reflect the colors of the sky.

7. When The Sun Goes Down By Arctic Monkeys

With Arctic Monkeys’ dynamic and catchy melody, embrace the anticipation and thrill as the sun sets and the bustling nightlife begins. This indie rock masterpiece captures the pleasure of transition and the thrilling energy that develops after the sun sets. As the last light goes, let the beat and lyrics of this song energize your spirit, reminding you of the night’s limitless possibilities.

8. Red Sun By The xx

The xx’s powerful soundscapes and delicate vocals take you to a twilight world where the crimson sun is about to set. Additionally, this intriguing music envelops you in a dreamlike state as the sun drops beyond the horizon, wrapping the essence of a mesmerizing sunset.

So, let yourself enjoy the evocative tunes, immersing yourself in the moment and enjoying the peace of the fading light.

9. Soak Up The Sun By Sheryl Crow

The carefree and joyful hymn by Sheryl Crow encourages you to embrace the warmth of the sun and find delight in life’s simple pleasures. Therefore, “Soak Up The Sun” becomes the ideal companion for a twilight stroll or a meeting with loved ones. Thanks to its catchy melody and encouraging lyrics. 

Let this song encourage you to enjoy the beauty surrounding you and savor every minute as the sun paints the sky with a final burst of color.

10. Black Hole Sun By Soundgarden

Soundgarden’s grunge rock classic offers a different take on sunsets. The music contrasts the darkness of a black hole sun with the mesmerizing beauty of a setting sun, producing a captivating audio experience. As the sun sets, this tune immerses you in contemplation and melodic intensity.

Thus, it allows you to explore the depth and complexity of emotions triggered by the change from day to night. I personally enjoy Soundgarden’s songs for sunset while watching the scenario alone.

11. Sunset Grill By Don Henley

Don Henley’s soft vocals and expressive narration conjure images of a busy sunset scene at a roadside diner. Henley’s superb delivery brings the ambiance and people of this beautiful setting to life. You can almost hear the clinking of glasses and the bustle of discussion at the Sunset Grill as the sun sets, sending warm hues across the countryside. 

12. The Sun is Shining Down By JJ Grey & Mofro

JJ Grey & Mofro’s soulful track combines blues, rock, and funk to produce a sincere ode to the power of the sun and its tremendous effect on our lives. The music envelops you in a warm and uplifting embrace from the first notes, generating joy and thankfulness. “The Sun is Shining Down” reminds you to embrace the sun, find strength in its warmth, and let its beams light your path.

13. Setting Sun By The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers “Setting Sun” provides the perfect audio companion to this awe-inspiring event as the sun delicately drops below the horizon. The track’s mesmerizing beats and electrifying energy reflect the vibrancy and majesty of a setting sun. With each throbbing rhythm, you can feel the universe’s energy aligning with the fading light. 

14. Sunset People By Donna Summer

“Sunset People” by Donna Summer creates a dynamic environment with disco-infused beats, urging you to groove as the sun sets below the horizon. This timeless song captures the essence of unrestricted joy and celebration. The upbeat tempo and captivating rhythm enhance your spirits as the day winds down, allowing you to let go and indulge in the vibrant energy of the moment.

15. Red Sun Rising By Lost Horizon

“Red Sun Rising” is a power metal song that transports you to a mystical universe in which the rising sun heralds the beginning of a new age. Moreover, this track sparks a fire within with its soaring vocals, dramatic guitar solos, and thunderous drumming. The intense energy of this song echoes the majestic beauty of the fading light on the sunset horizon.

16. Waiting For The Sun By The Doors

The exquisite lyrics and enchanting melodies of “Waiting For The Sun” by The Doors depict the longing and expectation for the sun’s arrival, symbolizing optimism and renewal. The lyrical melody and Jim Morrison’s evocative vocals convey a sense of meditation. Besides, it represents a wonder as the day ends and the world envelopes in the twilight.

17. Chasing The Sun By Sara Bareilles

“Chasing The Sun,” Sara Bareilles’ cheerful and beautiful pop song, invites you to enjoy the day and chase your aspirations while the sun shines. The music becomes an anthem of determination and resilience because of its addictive beat and inspirational lyrics. The song becomes a stimulus for seizing life’s prospects and taking big strides forward as the sun sets, casting its warm warmth. 

18. Sundown By Gordon Lightfoot

“Sundown,” Gordon Lightfoot’s folk-inspired ballad, beautifully evokes a peaceful evening as the sun sets, engulfing the earth in a golden glow. Lightfoot’s soothing vocals and calm guitar strums transport you to a tranquil landscape. Thus, time slows down, and nature creates a work of art in the sky.

Allow the soothing melodies and thoughtful words to wash over you, creating peace as the day fades into the night.

19. Sunsets By Powderfinger

Powderfinger’s “Sunsets” is a sentimental and anthemic rock song about the passage of time and the beauty of life’s fleeting moments. The song reminds the memories and events that create our life as the sun sets, casting a warm glow across the horizon. Additionally, Powderfinger expresses the spirit of wistfulness and the fleeting aspect of existence through captivating lyrics and soaring melodies. 

20. Yellow By Coldplay

“Yellow,” Coldplay’s classic hit, captivates with ethereal melodies and introspective lyrics. They combine effortlessly with the golden hues of a sunset sky. The lovely music of the song, paired with Chris Martin’s emotional vocals, inspires astonishment and wonder. 

Yellow becomes a musical portrayal of the natural world’s beauty and majesty as the sun paints the sky in gold and orange. 

21. Beautiful World By Colin Hay

“Beautiful World,” Colin Hay’s melodious acoustic music, reminds us of the beauty surrounding us, even when the sun sets, leaving us in awe of our environment. Hay’s song expresses love for nature’s beauty through delicate strumming and passionate vocals. 

Beautiful World becomes a heartbreaking reminder when the sun sets, sending its final rays. You enjoy the beauty in ordinary moments and find peace in the ever-changing scenery. 


These 21 best songs for sunset encapsulate the beauty, tranquility, and emotions associated with this enchanting time of day. Whether you prefer reflective and melancholic tunes or upbeat and uplifting tracks, this diverse collection offers something for every musical taste.

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