A Guide to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Genres

What’s your favourite music genre? Do you perhaps like Electronic Dance Music or EDM songs? If so, this article is for you. Here, I’ll discuss different types of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Genres to widen your knowledge about your favourite music type. 

We can all agree that the electrifying beats of EDM songs are hard to resist. The energy and enthusiasm it gives to our mind and body are incredible. So, without any delay, let’s take a deep dive into your favourite music genre.     

A Short Note on EDM 

Before we dig into different Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genres, let’s clarify what EDM is all about. EDM is a genre that’s all about the rhythm, the vibe, and the energy that can drag you to the dance floor. It’s a genre that has no boundaries and is designed to make you move to the groove.

Exploring different types of EDM Genres

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Genres

So, here we start my guide to different EDM genres. 

1. House Music:

Imagine you are in a dimly lit club, surrounded by people swaying to the four-on-the-floor beat. That’s the magic of House music. This music has its roots in Chicago. And it is all about the soulful vocals, perfect basslines, and an energy that will keep you awake the whole night. 

2. Trance: 

Close your eyes and let the mesmerising melodies of Trance transport you to another world. Trance is characterised by its uplifting and euphoric soundscapes, often accompanied by passionate vocals. Once you start enjoying this music, there’s no coming back from the emotional rollercoaster it’ll offer you.

3. Dubstep: 

Get ready to feel the ground shake as Dubstep enters the scene with its signature wobbly basslines and heavy drops. Originating in the UK, Dubstep is a genre that’s impossible to ignore. This music offers some unexpected twists and turns that will leave you enchanted.

4. Drum and Bass: 

If you’re a fan of high-speed beats and intricate rhythms, Drum and Bass (DnB) is perfect for you. With breakneck BPMs and rapid-fire drum patterns, DnB is a genre that can put fire in your heart and keep you moving for the whole night. 

5. Electro: 

Are you ready for the funky vibes of Electro music? Blending elements of funk and electronic, Electro brings the groove to the dance floor. This genre is all about being lost in music and embracing the energy.

Finding Your EDM Groove

With such a diverse range of genres, it’s obvious to wonder which resonates with you the most. The beauty of EDM lies in its ability to cater to various tastes and preferences. So, whether you’re looking for the melodic highs of Trance or the bass-heavy drops of Dubstep, there’s a genre that speaks to your soul.

The Evolution of EDM

EDM has come a long way from its beginning.  It has evolved, diversified, and incorporated influences from various musical genres. From the underground raves of the ’90s to the global festival stages of today, EDM has created its place in the music industry.


So, how did you like this adventurous tour of the captivating world of EDM genres? 

In this guide to EDM genres, there is everything you need for a refreshing start in the music world. So, don’t sit back; just go for your favourite genre and experience the world in a new light.  


1: Are there any EDM genres that blend elements from multiple styles?

Absolutely! Many EDM subgenres borrow elements from each other, creating hybrid genres that bring together the best of both worlds. An example is “Future Bass,” which fuses elements of Dubstep and Trap.

2: Can I enjoy EDM even if I’m not a fan of electronic music?

Definitely! EDM’s diverse range of genres means there’s something for everyone.

3: What’s the best way to experience EDM music live?

Attending EDM festivals and live shows is a fantastic way to experience yourself in the music’s energy.

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